ART-BILLBOARD for Muirhouse


In the summer of 2016 Hans K Clausen installed a billboard on the front exterior wall of Muirhouse Library. The Art-billboard, 3.5 metres x 2.5 metres, was a partnership project with Muirhouse Library and was designed to reinvigorate an abandoned site previously occupied by a resin frieze which was damaged and removed leaving a sad and scarred empty wall.


The idea is a simple one, to provide an evolving public space ‘gallery’ for local individuals or groups to showcase artworks through a series of large pasted posters, bringing vibrant local creative expression into the heart of the community. Submissions for the Art-billboard were supported and vetted by a small voluntary curatorial team chaired by Hans and including representation from the Library and local stakeholder community groups.


Over the past 18 months the art-billboard has hosted a series of amazing unique images including contributions from:


Muirhouse Library staff, Muirhouse Photographer Craig, local street artist Mikael, eleven year old artist Nelly, Zooarts Youth Group, Makin’ a Brew local writers and poets,it has also served as a street blackboard and community notice board. (As well as at times featuring some interesting unauthorised interventions.)


The Art-billboard has survived some recent building renovation works at the Library and is ready for a new lease of life… maybe you could be its next featured artist?