Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie, Art Walk

The Walkie Talkie Art Walk was devised by artist Hans K Clausen as a device to connect people with the public art works sited throughout North West Edinburgh, the geographical remit of the Arcadeum artist residency. It also acted as a catalyst for critical conversations about the merit of art in the public realm and people’s artistic taste while providing an informal forum for people to meet, talk, get a little exercise and discover new aspects of their local community.

Initial conversations with local residents suggested many public art works completed over the past 20 years were either unknown, forgotten about or unloved. Some local residents knew of no art works in the area. A quick mapping survey identified 12 artworks across a 3 mile walking route between North Edinburgh Arts in Pennywell and the new developments on Waterfront Avenue.

In collaboration with the Pilton Community Health Partnership’s walking group, the route for Walkie Talkie was established and adopted as part of the group’s ‘Hidden Gems’ walking programme. Hans led Walkie Talkie art walks on evening and afternoon walks throughout the summer of 2016 and 2017 for Hidden Gems and for the young person’s group Tomorrow’s People.

This printable document below gives the details and locations of the art works visited on Walkie Talkie for you to go discover them for yourself.