Roost: 3D Printing and Bird Design

ROOST PROJECT is a design & maker project based in Muirhouse, run by artist Lindsay Perth.  Roost’s aim is to create a ‘makerspace’ for people to share their skills and knowledge and to design, create and make for North Edinburgh’s communities and birds, while exploring ideas of place, shelter and identity. 


This project was not actually part of the Roost Project but it was the catalyst for creating Roost. At the beginning of my residency I was looking into ideas of place, identity, design and how we create a sense of home. Initially the idea was to design a new species of birds only ‘found’ in North Edinburgh. Through this workshop looking at birds and design and getting to know the community I shifted my ideas to a more literal interpretation of home, identity and design by looking at birdhouses. The area was in early stages of regeneration and the topic of homes, housing and place / placemaking were always on topic. One aim of Roost was to reflect these issues while providing a platform for individual creativity within a collective project.


Roost Project formed my residency’s first year of research and social engagement. Equally vital, this series of workshops was key to introducing me to a new group of young people in the area and working experimentally and creatively with 3D Printing. As is always the case working collaboratively, the young people push and pull my ‘starter’ ideas, reshaping them and challenging me and any technology I bring to the table.