COLLECTOR is a project which celebrates the joy of things, the relationship between people and objects and the value of inter-generational communities.


COLLECTOR has grown out of a yearlong series of conversations and meetings between artist Hans K Clausen and local residents of North West Edinburgh. Motivated by a curiosity around the phenomena of collecting, an interest in the memory and narrative that objects hold, and a desire to encourage people to think critically about what they collect and why, Clausen brought together a diverse group of individuals who hold passionate interests for a wide-range of objects, from banknotes to boxes, Buddhas to buses.


The resulting COLLECTOR exhibition was held at Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh between 9th and 14th October 2016. Hans worked in partnership with each collector to transform their private collections into public exhibits and to curate a cohesive contemporary exhibition. The collectors also invigilated the exhibition sharing their stories and expertise with over 200 visitors.


Expanded a tiny mind…. A joyous experience!

Dougie (Backbeat Records)


Just happened to be passing by…  What a great way to bring a community together and to encourage art!

Sloan (USA)


Amazing!! Art has seldom felt so exciting and new, well done!

Alexander (Edinburgh)


COLLECTOR resonated with themes of recent international exhibitions which have explored historical, cultural and contextual aspects of collecting and archiving. Most notably ‘Magnificent Objects’: The artist as Collector at London’s Barbican Centre and ‘The Keeper’ exhibition at New York’s contemporary art space The New Museum. Their website describes ‘The Keeper’ as; “An exhibition dedicated to the act of preserving objects … A reflection on the impulse to save both the most precious and the apparently valueless, it brings together a variety of imaginary museums, personal collections and unusual assemblages revealing the devotion with which collectors have created sanctuaries for endangered artefacts.”


In a more intimate and more Scottish manner COLLECTOR brings a community together through the common language and power of everyday objects.


Beyond the life of the exhibition there are ambitions to continue and nurture COLLECTOR as a community of interest and as a project in and beyond North Edinburgh, promoting social networking and cross cultural and cross generational cohesion through meet-ups, events and publications.


COLLECTOR contributors:

David Aris. Model buses

Claudine Albert. Keys

Ann Carolan. John Wayne memorabilia

Gerry Corbett. Banknotes

Lynn Cowan. Sci.Fi. books

Liz Gould. Sea Glass

Geraldine Gow. Make-up Compacts

Eleanor Hamilton. Wooden boxes

Alan Johnston. Key rings

Iggy Just. Dinosaurs

Tam Kelly. Yughio Cards

Heather Law. Penny-press pennies

John McCabe. Airfix

Steve Marlow. Timpo

Etta MacInnes. Souvenir tea spoons

Betty McVay MBE. Pine cones

Sandra Newby. Buddhas

Cathy Umobi. Dolls


COLLECTOR was facilitated and curated by Hans K Clausen.


It was made possible only by the generous lending of items by all the contributors and the invaluable help of: Rebecca Milling, Claudine Albert and many others.


Hans K Clausen © 2016