Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark​ (MYM)​ is a collaborative community art project based in Muirhouse, run by artists Hans K Clausen and Sally Price​


Local residents of all ages ​ were invited to attend drop in making sessions at North Edinburgh Arts, where they were
​invited​ to create a ​’mark’, a ​unique small scale sculpture using simple​ recycled ​materials. The only guidelines that were given were that the completed ‘mark’ should be abstract, not a literal or figurative representation, and the finished item should fit within a hand.


The results were varied and impressive, some were spontaneous created in 10 minutes​ while others were highly detailed worked over many hours. All of the sculptures c​o​me together to form a collection that reflects the diversity and creativity of modern Muirhouse.


M​YM ​also spent a day at​ St David’s Primary School, where over 100 pupils made an amazing array of ‘marks.


The collection was ​displayed as a window installation in the NEA’s Arcadeum​ Art Shop studios and small collections chosen and curated by some of the makers ​were exhibited at NEA.


Make Your Mark remains an ongoing project with ​plans to visit more Muirhouse locations to continue building ​ the collection towards an exhibition in summer 2018. ​Let us know if you’d like to invite us to your community group and stay tuned for news!