Roost: Pimp Your Roost

ROOST PROJECT is a design & maker project based in Muirhouse, run by artist Lindsay Perth.  Roost’s aim is to create a ‘makerspace’ for people to share their skills and knowledge and to design, create and make for North Edinburgh’s communities and birds, while exploring ideas of place, shelter and identity. 


After Roost’s birdhouse design exhibition came ‘Pimp Your Roost‘. ‘Pimp Your Roost’ had several stages, the first being the ‘pimping’ of 200 birdhouses by the local community, NHS staff and Scotland based artists. Over 6 months, Roost pimping workshops took place all over North Edinburgh, and many were sent around Scotland to artists and NHS Lothian staff. Birdhouses were made from OSB and weather primed for people. There was no brief, only that the 200 Roosts would become part of Roost Event, an interactive light installation in the Muirhouse Shopping Mall in December 2016 displaying all the birdhouses.  After that they would be part of the ROOST Auction.


The Roost Event


For a week in December Roost took over a large wall in the Muirhouse Shopping Mall for the 200 birdhouses. Working with designer/maker Mark Kobine, 60 of the birdhouses had LED lights inside and were interactive, responding to passers by with colourful light animations. There was a launch event on a very chilly late November night, with North Edinburgh Arts providing stovies and tea all evening. After the launch the birdhouses were up for a week and then housed in Arcadeum until the Roost Auction in May ’17.


Roost workshop documentation:


Over 6 months 200 ‘blank’ birdhouses made of OSB went out to the local community, NHS Lothian staff and artists. It was very exciting to see the incredible collection of creativity as the birdhouses slowly returned to the Arcadeum space for the next stage of the Roost project. Here is some documentation of people’s creativity!